Our Approach

In our industry, specialization is indispensable these days. We offer you an established, exciting network in which cross-industry know-how within commercial, technical and IT professions is gathered, exchanged and further developed. Instead of committing ourselves to a rigid position within this network, we want to let demands for specialization merge into our personal approach. This is exactly where our strength lies.

People First

Quality before Quantity

Hire for Attitude

Today, many tools are available for recruiting. From CV parsing to matching algorithms, sophisticated tools enable companies to implement effi cient and automated processes in recruiting.

HR and line draw their conclusions from qualified data and can access a skills cloud from leading HCM software vendors and force candidate experience.

We are not enemies of these tools. However, isn't there a danger that within these simplifications it is all too easy to lose sight of what is most important? We are happy to make use of the benefits of modern technology, but for us it is clear that people and personality should be in the
foreground. That's why we take a people-first approach to recruiting with our customers.

Talents and companies place their trust in us every day. This is anything but a matter of course. In return, genuine commitment and professional discretion can be expected from us. We put our heart and soul into ensuring mutually guaranteed, indispensable quality.

We ensure this quality by having our consultants work only on a select number of mandates and talents at a time.

Honesty and transparency are important values to us; we do not make false promises. We claim to know our clients and only intervene when we are sure that we can generate added value.

We place talent and companies on an equal footing and call both our valued clientele, because in the end, people are clearly the focus for us here as well.

When we are looking for talents for a new employer, or when we are looking for talents for a company, we also pay a lot of attention to soft skills in addition to hard skills. This is the only way to generate a perfect match.

We do not disregard talents who do not fulfill all the hard skills, such as career changers, from the outset - in our opinion, “attitude“ should come before “skills“ when recruiting. In other words, skills can be learned, but attitude cannot.

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